Name:  Makenna Gayger  


Place of Birth:  Abbotsford, BC

Current School:  Robert Bateman

Secondary School

Favorite subjects studying: Art, 

Social Studies

Grade: 12

Number of years playing rugby: 5

Positions Played:  Prop, Hook,

Wing, Fly Half, Centre, Full Back

What’s your best asset on the field?  I would like to say that my quick thinking, and speed on the field is something I will always be proud of. I tend to see the play and how it would work before we do it, and can read the defense's play to be able to shut them down before their ways are successful. I hope to improve my game play and hope to see it become even better one day. As well as see myself become even faster than when I began the sport. 

Favorite Rugby Memory:  I couldn’t pinpoint one moment in all of my years playing rugby that was my favourite. But I can say that I will always love the way I have made new and close friends through the sport, with both coaches and fellow players. I also will always be grateful towards the sport for helping me develop as a player mentally, and owe so much to the sport for who I am today. 

Participation in other sports:  Swimming, Basketball, Soccer

Who are the sports people you most admire?  I look up to New Zealand rugby player Beauden Barrett. He was just one of those stand out players that I watched in a stream one day and saw so much that I aspire to be like. His quick thinking on the field, and many of the amazing game bending plays that just always worked flawlessly for him. I aspire to be that developed of a game player one day, and I tend to take inspiration from his kicking practices and hope to one day kick as well as him too. 

Career aspirations: Undecided

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