Name:  Kodi Lee Connolly  

Nickname: Kods

Place of Birth:  Chilliwack, BC

Current School:  WA Fraser Middle 


Favorite subjects studying: Math,

Social Studies, Physical Education

Grade: 7

Number of years playing rugby: 1

Positions Played:  Wing, Centre,  

Hooker, Forward

What’s your best asset on the field?  Speed, Tackling, Perseverance and Tenacity

Favorite Rugby Memory:  Winning the Kamloops 7's Championships and getting a gold medal

Participation in other sports:  Taekwondo, Wresting, Basketball, Volleyball, Track, Soccer and Swimming

Who are the sports people you most admire?  Royce Gracie, Holly Holmes, Kyrie Irving

Career aspirations: Profiler for Criminal Investigations / Military Joint Task Force