Name:  Jacquelyn Presseault  

Nickname:  Jack or Jackie

Place of Birth:  Surrey, BC

Current School:  n/a

Favorite subjects studying:  n/a

Grade: Graduated

Number of years playing rugby: 2

Positions Played:  Flanker, 


What’s your best asset on the field?  I love to support my team mates as best as I can like: supporting them when they have the ball and getting into rucks to keep or steal the ball.

Favorite Rugby Memory:   I was back in high school and there was about 5 minutes left of the game and the other team had one point on us and we had the ball and one of the backs took it and I went chasing after her for support and the other team was catching up to her and she offloaded it to me and I scored my first and winning try!

Participation in other sports:  Basketball

Who are the sports people you most admire?  My past coaches they taught me a lot about the game and have helped me become the player I am today, I’m so thankful for them.

Career aspirations: I would love to play rugby for the rest of my life but if not I would like to work for the VPD or go to school for kinesiology.

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