Name:  Brianne Mager  

Nickname:  Bri, Mager, Cheese

Place of Birth: Grand Prairie, Alt

Current School:  GW Graham

Secondary School

Favorite subjects studying: 

Genocide Studies, AP Biology, 

Sports Medicine

Grade: 11

Number of years playing rugby: 5

Positions Played:  All Forwards,  

Fly Half, Centres

What’s your best asset on the field?  Vocal Leader, quick learner, energetic and controlled aggression

Favorite Rugby Memory: Playing in 2018 BC Summer games as an underage player and starting all games. The comradery, friendships and team bonding...

Participation in other sports:Basketball, Field Hockey, Swimming, Fastball and Crossfit

Who are the sports people you most admire? I do not have a select person I admire. I admire certain qualities of individual players Leadership, physical and mental strength, personal Motivation and their ability to motivate teammates.

Career aspirations: I want to get a pre-med undergrad in Science (Biology) and then attend Medical School for Orthopedic Surgery. A secondary interest is Forensic Psychology.