Name:  Alina Blakey  

Nickname:  Bean

Place of Birth:  New Westminster,


Current School:  Blanche

Macdonald in July 2020

Favorite subjects studying:  N/A

Grade: Graduate

Number of years playing rugby: 7

Positions Played:  All Forward 

Positions, mainly Tight Head Prop

and 8 Man

What’s your best asset on the field?  Communication/ leadership

Favorite Rugby Memory:   Travelling to Winnipeg in 2018 with girls from all over the province and getting to make new friends and learn from other experienced players

Participation in other sports:  None

Who are the sports people you most admire?  The All Blacks, they are very committed and inspirational how they live and play.

Career aspirations: Attending Blanche Macdonald to study makeup and movie special effects.

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